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How to Add a Contact on Skype

How to Add a Contact on Skype – If you want to chat with your friends on Skype with a camera and make video calls over the Internet? This is how you can do it by adding new contacts on Skype. Sign in to Skype Open Skype. You can do this from the Start menu … Read more

How to Rename a Contact in Skype

How to Rename a Contact in Skype – With the free Skype communication software you have several options to choose from to manage and sort your contacts. Learn how to rename your contacts and what other options you have here. Rename contact name with a few clicks If you want to give new names to … Read more

How to Delete Contact on Skype

With the help of Skype you can stay in touch with your friends, acquaintances and family all over the world for free. However, sometimes you want to disconnect from a certain person and delete the contact. You don’t always want to keep all the contacts in your list. Skype makes it very easy to delete … Read more