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WhatsApp Tip: How to Mark Chats as Read/Unread

Do you know this too? When you receive a lot of messages on WhatsApp, you just read through them quickly.

And later you realize that you should have replied to one or the other message. There’s a trick for that: you can manually mark messages as unread.

As soon as you’re in a dead zone for two or three hours or in an important conversation, a lot of messages come in on WhatsApp. Often, you just read these messages quickly. But what if you should reply to a message? Or pass on an important piece of info?

Similar to a mail program, you can also mark WhatsApp messages as read or unread. The important thing is this: The marking only affects you. The sender still sees both checkmarks on the message and waits for your reply.

WhatsApp tip – How to Mark Chats as Read Unread

How to Mark WhatsApp messages as “unread”

The whole process is quite simple. Open WhatsApp and then do the following:

  • Search for a chat you want to mark as unread
  • Tap and hold on the chat
  • Tap on the 3-dot menu
  • You will see a list
  • Here you will also find the item “Mark as unread“.

You will now see a green dot on the chat reminding you to check back here. You can also mark chats as read by following the first 4 steps and then selecting “Mark as read“. This is especially good for group chats with definitely unimportant content.

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