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WhatsApp Tip: How to Permanently Mute Contacts & Groups

WhatsApp has once again received a new, in my opinion already overdue feature. This time, contacts and groups are affected.

New features are not uncommon in WhatsApp. In the current beta build, a function has been expanded a bit. You can now permanently mute groups and contacts.

It may seem a bit counterproductive to permanently mute groups or contacts. But on closer inspection, it can make a lot of sense: Groups where more than 10 people can write are usually such candidates. Or you are in a HomeOffice group at your employer and have WhatsApp permanently open in the browser as well. The reasons could not be more different. Since the permanent mute is now available in the beta, we can assume that it will soon be available in the normal version as well.

How to Mute WhatsApp Groups or Contacts

Previously, contacts could only mute for 8 hours, a week or a year. Permanent mute has been added as an option of these periods. Here you can find the option:

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Enter the chat or group you want to mute
  • Here you will find a slider to mute. In the future you will find here the new option “Permanent

Thus, you will no longer receive notifications. You can still see how many new messages are in the chat by looking at the counter in the chat within the app.

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